Friday, June 27, 2008

Going on "Vacation"

I'm participating in mommyholly's wonderful idea of going on a faux vacation and posting our imaginary trips on our blogs. So here's where I visited:

I decided to take my family to sunny Santa Monica, California! My husband lived in Marina Del Rey for awhile, so any chance he got, we would be headed back to California. Santa Monica and the surrounding communities are very kid-friendly, which is helpful when you have a 3 year old and an 8 month old. My 3 year old, Maddox, would adore Santa Monica Pier and the beach.

The shopping and dining in Santa Monica are to die for. Third Street Promenade and the Montana shopping area encompass all you could ever need when shopping. A 2-story Banana Republic and Anthropologie, a beautiful Pottery Barn, and several independent shops make you feel like you have arrived in a shopping mecca! All of this is in an open air environment that even husbands don't mind going to.

Dining: you will find almost anything you could possibly want. Award-winning restaurants, where spotting a celebrity wouldn't be unusual. Seafood, Ethnic, American, European, Asian! All groups represented in Santa Monica restaurants. There are even your normal chain restaurants for the picky eaters in the group.

Relax at one of the famous Santa Monica Beach Hotels after all of the shopping and eating you'll do. I know I'll be heading to the Spa.

After a thoroughly enjoyable time at the Spa, I would want to curl up and take a nap in a fabulous hotel room with views of the beach!

Finishing each evening with a good meal and a beautiful sunset would be perfection!

Thanks for going on vacation with me!!

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hautemommy said...

ooooh fun vacation!!! I just LOVE santa monica!!! :) and the shopping sounds awesome, especially anthropologie!!! thanks for travelling with us haha!! xoxox