Monday, September 15, 2008

Most Succesful Show Yet

Pendleton was my best show yet!! We had PERFECT weather! The crowds were nice and we almost sold out of earrings. I'm really receiving some lovely feedback from customers. I sold almost a dozen photographs, which pleases me to no end. Everything went great and I can't wait to get out to our next show in downtown Indianapolis. Check out Fountain Square Art Fair!

I've started making some new pieces of jewelry that are different from what I've traditionally done. I'm doing more wire work and offering some simple pendants on chains. I've also done some chain necklaces and bracelets in the theme of charm bracelets, with beads attached with wire and hang off the piece. The ones that I had displayed at my last show sold immediately.

I haven't been able to get out much with my camera lately, but I'm looking forward to the change in seasons. New opportunities to photograph and capture my favorite season!

Speaking of photography, I've added a line of note cards to my Etsy shop, MadrinPhotography.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I had surgery last week for ulnar nerve entrapment. So I haven't been as active at creating since most of what I do requires two hands. I'm submitting work to my first show tomorrow. Art will be judged and then displayed at the Ricks Theatre in Greenfield.

This coming weekend I will be in Pendleton, IN Friday-Sunday as mentioned in my previous post.
I have 40+ new jewelry pieces made, but have yet to list anything for sale. My shop, MadrinDesigns, looks pretty pathetic at this point, but I do have lots made and ready for sale. With only one hand, taking photographs and typing all of those listings is challenging. Next week, I should have use of my left arm again. But to keep you drooling for more MadrinDesigns jewelry, here's a couple of photos on what I've been working on.