Monday, June 30, 2008

Good Weekend!

Well, my first two art fairs/craft shows went very well this weekend! We sold lots of photographs and jewelry. We did better than I expected. My wonderful assistant, my mom, was with me both days. She is invaluable! She's definitely my promoter/salesperson! The rain held, but the wind did not!! We were blown around for 2 days, as was our booth and display items. Both days we ended up putting the photograph easels and jewelry displays back in the car. They fell over about every 15 minutes because of the strong gusts! If you've looked at MadrinDesigns lately, you'll notice how many different pieces are missing, which means I have to get to work. I got lots of really fabulous feedback and am looking forward to my next show!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Pennsy Trail Art Fair and Bluegrass Festival and Old Settler's Days

This weekend I'll be participating in 2 art fairs/craft shows! First is Saturday, June 28th from 10 to 6. Its called the Pennsy Trail Art Fair and BlueGrass Festival and promises to be a good time. I've been to this show several times, but this is my first time exhibiting. Stop by and see me! For more info visit:

On Sunday, June 29th, is Old Settler's Days in Wanamaker, IN. For more information visit:

Hope to see you this weekend!!

Going on "Vacation"

I'm participating in mommyholly's wonderful idea of going on a faux vacation and posting our imaginary trips on our blogs. So here's where I visited:

I decided to take my family to sunny Santa Monica, California! My husband lived in Marina Del Rey for awhile, so any chance he got, we would be headed back to California. Santa Monica and the surrounding communities are very kid-friendly, which is helpful when you have a 3 year old and an 8 month old. My 3 year old, Maddox, would adore Santa Monica Pier and the beach.

The shopping and dining in Santa Monica are to die for. Third Street Promenade and the Montana shopping area encompass all you could ever need when shopping. A 2-story Banana Republic and Anthropologie, a beautiful Pottery Barn, and several independent shops make you feel like you have arrived in a shopping mecca! All of this is in an open air environment that even husbands don't mind going to.

Dining: you will find almost anything you could possibly want. Award-winning restaurants, where spotting a celebrity wouldn't be unusual. Seafood, Ethnic, American, European, Asian! All groups represented in Santa Monica restaurants. There are even your normal chain restaurants for the picky eaters in the group.

Relax at one of the famous Santa Monica Beach Hotels after all of the shopping and eating you'll do. I know I'll be heading to the Spa.

After a thoroughly enjoyable time at the Spa, I would want to curl up and take a nap in a fabulous hotel room with views of the beach!

Finishing each evening with a good meal and a beautiful sunset would be perfection!

Thanks for going on vacation with me!!

New Interior Design Team Treasury featuring MadrinPhotography!!

My photograph, Tiny Flowers, is featured on this new treasury! Check it out!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

BUY 2 Get 1 FREE! Print SALE!!

MadrinPhotography is having its Grand Opening Sale!! Buy any 2 prints and receive a free print of equal or lesser value FREE!!!! Many new listings and more to come!!

The Kellie Necklace

I made this a couple of night ago and named it after my sister, Kellie. I think it is representative of her personality and her location right now. She lives in Arizona and something about this pendant reminded me of the Southwest. The green beads are bold and bright, also reminding me of her. Its an interesting piece that will get noticed, just like Kellie! Love you and miss you Kell!!

My New Favorite

I took a series of photographs in my backyard yesterday. It was 70 degrees and sunny. Perfect in my opinion. I got some great shots. This is my new favorite! I call it The Rising. Be sure to visit MadrinPhotography for all of my new photographic listings!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

NEW Treasury from FAM

Two of my photographs and one necklace are featured in the beautiful treasury of Valeriesgallery! Check it out!
I am so excited! This is my first piece of jewelry to be featured in a treasury. Last week was a good week for MadrinPhotography though. I was in 8 different treasuries!! I'm still in shock!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Thursday, June 19, 2008

PROUD NEW MEMBER and Something FREE...

I have recently become a member of 2 fabulous Etsy teams: Photographers of Etsy and Fabulous Artistic Moms. They have been so welcoming. I'm looking forward to getting to know the members of each of these teams!

Also, I've been reading the comments left for the contest at . The overwhelming majority have said that both the Mermaid Necklace and the Aloha Necklace are their favorites. To the person(s) who buys one of these necklaces, I will include a free bracelet! Yes, I will include a FREE custom made bracelet to the person who buys either the Mermaid or Aloha necklaces. Mention this blog post in a convo to me and your bracelet will be shipped out with your order. Thank you!

My First Treasury West!!

For those of you who aren't familiar with Etsy, a Treasury is a very coveted item for Etsyians! Treasuries are only available at certain times, so when you get one its exciting. I chose several of my favorite items I've found on Etsy and listed them in this treasury. Enjoy!! There is some amazing talent in this group!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Giveaway on !!!!!

Babylyons has been generous to feature Madrin Designs on her blog: . She has a super cool, organized, and fun blog all about different Etsy sellers. Those she features have a chance to participate in a weekly giveaway of one of their items. I decided to giveaway my "Hearts Among Us" Necklace. Check out her blog and enter to win!!!! Plus, you get to read some of my less than fab poetry and a profile of me!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

MadrinPhotography featured in First Treasury!!

Well, it finally happened. One of my photographs has been featured in a Treasury on Etsy.

Thanks to VintageEmbellishment for choosing my piece. Now, I just have to wait for that first sale! Patience is definitely a virtue!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


SALE in my shop on Etsy: !!! Prices reduced by up to $13!!! Check it out and mention this coupon code (MYBLOG) in your checkout for an extra 15% off your purchase.

Also use the coupon code in my photography shop: !!


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Busy, Busy!!

I could spend my entire day, every day, working on my Etsy shops, this blog, and all of the promotion that goes with it. I could also spend every day making jewelry and taking photos. Too much I want to do and too little time!

June is the month for 15% off in both of my stores, MadrinDesigns and MadrinPhotography. Just mention this blog in a convo to me!

I'm gearing up for my first two shows, the Pennsy Trail Art Fair and Bluegrass Festival and Wanamaker Old Settlers' Days. Come see me at both on June 28th and June 29th.

This past weekend, I went crazy taking pictures and making jewelry. I made a whole tray full of jewelry. I've been very into pearls lately. I'll be listing those pieces later this week. The pictures I have already started to post to MadrinPhotography.

Off to take care of my other responsibilities, my children! Maddox wants a popsicle! Stay cool!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Lots of New Photos on

I just finished putting on a ton of new photos on my new shop site: !! Check them out at the bottom of this page too in my Etsy-Mini!!