Friday, August 27, 2010

Review: The Spa At French Pharmacie (Broad Ripple)

I recently had the pleasure of spending an afternoon at Broad Ripple spa, French Pharmacie. Located at 823 1/2 E Westfield Blvd., French Pharmacie seems hidden among the general hustle and bustle of Broad Ripple and College Avenues.

As I entered the spa, I was immediately greeted by Kristin, who would later do my "Classique" manicure and pedicure ($60). I was set to have the "Essential" facial ($75) first with the very talented Inga. I was taken upstairs to a room with several spaces that could be enclosed, for private treatments, by heavy curtains. It was dimly lit and beautiful, not to mention incredibly relaxing. I could have easily gone upstairs to take a nap for hours. Inga left me alone to change and then came back to start my facial. Once I got onto the massage table, I didn't even need the treatment. It was warm and soft and definitely sleep-inducing. I was more at ease than I had been in weeks before the facial even started. Once at work, Inga only provided me with deeper relaxation and some fabulous skin treatments. At one point during the facial massage, she was putting pressure near my eye area that made me thank her on the spot. I have headaches in that spot at least once a week and she was like an answer to my prayers! I need to have her on retainer! After all of the usual facial stuff (steam, masks, etc.), I was done. I honestly could have laid there forever, but I did have to get up for my mani and pedi. While getting dressed I had a quick look in the mirror. I was surprised to see that I had very minimal redness. Usually, my face is quite red and a little splotchy after facials.

As I headed back downstairs in my blissed-out post facial state, again I was met by Kristin, ready with water. She instructed me to pick out my polish colors from the selection of OPI they had arranged on a sleek, modern shelving unit. Unlike some nail salons, with row after row of wall displays with overwhelming choices of polishes, French Pharmacie had a lovely layout with a few dozen of the latest and greatest colors, plus all of the old favorites. I commented how much I liked the more minimalist selection. Kristin assured me that if I had wanted a specific color that I hadn't seen, they most likely had it in back.

Settling down into the pedicure chair, I was still very relaxed as Kristin worked on my feet. My favorite part had to be the use of Ambre Blends Solace Essence Body Cream after all of the exfoliation. Fans of my blog and friends of mine know that I LOVE Ambre Blends Solace perfume oil and wear it most every day. What a coincidence that the matching body cream, that I had yet to try, was used at French Pharmacie in every pedicure!

Moving on to my manicure, Kristin sat me down at one of a series of glass topped tables. They hardly looked like anyone would be painting nails on them. They were fabulously modern and chic and most un-nail salon like. And did I mention the light fixtures at French Pharmacie? To die for! Loved them! Anyway, Kristin did an amazing job with my manicure and painted my nails a great fall shade, OPI Royal Raja Ruby.

I really can't say enough about how much I enjoyed my afternoon at French Pharmacie. I rarely get a reprieve from full-time mommy duty, so this was a very welcome treat to myself! Having my nails done is always wonderful because of all of the wear and tear they get from my jewelry making. I want to thank Inga and Kristin for a great day of relaxation! I'll definitely go back to French Pharmacie!

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